Propane as a Motor Fuel

Excellent Range

  •  Similar range to gasoline with equal fuel capacity.
  •  Equivalent fuel economy to gasoline.
  •  300 to 500 miles per fill-up for most vehicles.


Reduced Costs

  •  In most markets, $0.90 to $2.00 savings per gallon.
  •  Reduced engine wear and service requirements.
  •  Federal tax credits available on LPG motor fuel and Refueling Infrastructure.


Extremely Safe

  •  Considered safer than gasoline by the EPA and DOT.
  •  LPG fuel tank is 20 times stronger than gasoline tank.
  •  Very narrow range of flammability.
  •  Stored in a closed system under moderate pressure.


Convenient Refueling

  •  Existing infrastructure throughout the U.S.
  •  Inexpensive refueling stations can be built on-site.
  •  Only 3 to 5 minutes to fill a vehicle.


Popularity of Propane as a Motor Fuel

  •  Over 14 million passenger vehicles world wide.
  •  Over 2.4 million passenger vehicles in the Poland.
  •  9% of passenger vehicles in Holland.
  •  8% of passenger vehicles in South Korea.
  • 10% of passenger vehicles in Turkey.
  •  1.2 million passenger vehicles in Italy alone.
  •  Has been used for a motor fuel since 1913.


Environmental Benefits and Energy Security

  •  Significantly lower emissions than gasoline or diesel.
  •  Will not contaminate ground water.
  •  Over 90% of propane used in the U.S. is produced in the U.S.- the rest is from non-OPEC countries. The purchase of propane keeps U.S. dollars on U.S. soil.